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"Self One", "First Ones Collection" presents the very first photographs in history; first permanent photograph, first color photograph, first underwater photograph... New French Touch captures the very first photographs in history at a time when our images have become more important than we are. Our everyday images take precedence over our lives. We show before we feel, eat, breathe. We no longer live, we exhibit. The photo has thus become the star object. By photographing the first images captured more than 150 years ago, we exhibit the absurd and we question the being, showing it what it has become. From then on, it is no longer the photo that is frozen, but the consciousness. The second work of this collection bears the name of "Self One", digital enhanced photograph of the first photographic portrait and self-portrait of a human, "Robert Cornelius, head-and-shoulders [self-]portrait, facing front, with arms crossed", created by Robert Cornelius in 1839, in Philadelphia.

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